Passion Audio Player FAQ
Below are listed some Frequently Asked Questions about Passion Audio

Question : I've installed your player on Windows 7/8/8.1, but it comes up
with a skin error when I try to close.
The error is "Write String Error: Settings, Options_SkinToBeLoaded".
Answer : The solution is the following:
1. Uninstall Passion Audio Player.
2. Run the downloaded passap30.exe or passap40.exe installation
program as administrator.
To do this right click on passap30.exe and click "run as administrator"
3. Everything now will work fine.
Question : Why you moved to Lazarus/FPC from Delphi?
Answer : Delphi is my my opinion is the best Pascal tool that exists.
However for a hobbyist like me the proper tool is Lazarus/FPC,
because the Delphi cost for multiplatform programming is out
of my budget. Not to mention that Lazarus/FPC is the best tool
for hardcore / old school programmers like me, because you have
access to all the code.
Question : Is Passion Audio Player compatible with Windows Vista ?
Answer  : Yes, Passion Audio Player is Windows Vista compatible.
The latest version was developed on Windows Vista platform but you
should have in mind that it doesn't take advantage of some Vista
features because i wanted to maintain compatibility with prior to
Vista versions.
Question : Is Passion Audio Player compatible with Windows XP ?
Answer : Yes, Passion Audio Player is Windows XP compatible.
Question : Is there a "Restore Defaults" option for Pitch, Tempo and
other sliders?
Answer  : Yes,
You can do it with two ways:
a. The 1st is available from the very first version, but maybe it's not that
obvious. You can reset every slider, by DOUBLE CLICKING on it.
b. The 2nd is available from version v2.4 Go to the Options\General
Options menu. There is a button there called "Default Sliders",
which restores all sliders at once.
Question : Can Passion Audio Player be used with Last.FM as external
Answer  : Yes it can.
In order to use Passion Audio Player as an external player with Last.FM
Player, so that the sound comes out from Passion Audio Player and to
be able to process the sound with Passion Audio Player options, do the
1. Run Last.FM Player.
2. Go to options of Last.FM player and Select Radio.
3. Go to "stream in external player" option and select the port you like.
e.g. "Connect to localhost on port: 32314"
4. Then press apply.
5. Then run Passion Audio Player.
6. Add to Passion Audio Player playlist this URL :
7. Then play the above URL from Passion Audio Player and you will see
on Passion Audio Player screen this message "HTTP/1.1 200 OK".
This means that Passion Audio Player has connected to the local
Last.FM player server.
8. Play the songs you want from Last.FM player and the sound will
come out through Passion Audio Player.
Note 1: If this does not work the first time, then exit Last.FM and
Passion Audio Player, then repeat steps 4 and 5. It should work.
If it doesn't work then select a differect port value and repeat
this procedure from step 1.
Note 2: For me port 32314 works fine so it could be a possible port
value for your setup :)
Note 3: Maybe sometimes Passion Audio Player disconnects from
In that case you should connect again.
Question : I have installed Passion Audio Player on my powerful pc
running under Windows 2000/NT. It doesn't work at all.
My computer freezes.
Answer  : I'm sad to say that Passion Audio Player probably doesn't
work on Windows 2000/NT. I'm saying probably because i don't
have Windows 2000/NT to test it. Supported operating systems are
Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/8/1.
Windows 2000/NT have a different architecture and that's why it
doesn't work on it. The most common problem on Windows 2000/NT
is that a version of Directx 3.0 or better has not been installed on your
system. Passion Audio Player needs a version of Directx 3.0 or better
to work.
Question : I'm playing some Video files (*.avi) and although i can here
the audio, i can see nothing but a black screen. What's going on ?
Answer  : Probably the file was encoded with a codec that is not present
on your system. Although the AVI file format is common, AVI files can
be created with many different codecs (coder/decoder). If you try to
play an AVI file that uses an unsupported codec, you might hear the
audio, but not the video content.
Question : I'm trying to play some Video files and i get the message
"Can't Create Video Stream". Which is the problem?
Answer  : Probably the file was encoded with a codec that is not present
on your system.
Question : I can't play WMA, WMV, ASF files. Why does this happen?
Answer  : The WMA, WMV, ASF playback requires the Windows Media
Format modules to be installed . They are installed with Windows
Media player.
For more details look at the 1st Question.
Question : Some Winamp 2.x skins don't work on your player . Why
does this happen?
Answer  : Passion Audio Player will work correctly ONLY with skins that
follow the guidelines given by the Winamp Authors for creating skins.
Some skins don't follow these guidelines and when loaded by Passion
Audio Player won't work correctly.
Question : Some Winamp DSP plugins don't work on your player.
Why does this happen?
Answer  : Passion Audio Player will work correctly ONLY with Winamp
DSP plugins that return the same amount of data with those entered.
Of course you can't be able to know that, but give a try to the plugin
you want.
Question : I can't get Passion Audio player v1.3 to work because
wmvcore.dll is missing;
Is it a WIN 98 dll or is it provided with the player ?
Answer  : The problem is that in version 1.3 i added .wma support. In
order to do this, some files of the Windows Media Player 7.1 (including
wmvcore.dll) were required. In the beginning i thought that these files
were included in the Windows Media Player that comes with Windows 98,
but i was wrong. I found it out a few days later when i reformatted my
Hard disk. So this problem can be fixed with two ways:
i. You can install Windows Media Player 7.1 or you can install only the
Windows Media Format modules separately.
ii. You can upgrade to Passion Audio Player v1.4 which fixes this
situation. In version 1.4 if the Windows Media Player 7.1 or the
Windows Media Format modules aren't installed who cares, the
program will continue to work, without .wma support of course!
Personally i think you should follow the second way !!!
Question : When i uninstall your program i can`t open my files with
any other program why. What's the problem.
Answer  : Passion Audio Player doesn't register file types with the
installer support, but manually from inside the program. So when you try
to unistall it, the installer is not informed, and the result is the above
situation. In order to overcome this problem install Passion Audio Player
again, go to the extensions tab and unselect all files,and press apply.
Then uninstall Passion Audio Player.
After this when you will double click on a file you will be able to select
the application you want to be assotiated with it.

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