Passion Audio Player

Passion audio player


The Audio Player for those who have passion with PCs and music.Passion Audio Player has several popular features and has nothing to be jealous of the other audio and media players.

Windows Version

Status: Available for downloading.
Last Update: 09-04-2019

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Ubuntu Version 32 BIT


Status: Available for downloading.
Last Update: 21-06-2014

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Submittions of Passion Audio Player:

If you would like to submit Passion Audio Player to a site or asearch engine that it lists this kind of software, please use one ofthe above Mirror Locations by copying and pasting the url that itmirrors. It?s important to copy the above URLs exactly as they appear above, and NOT to change anything.


Passion Audio Player goes on with no fear :D


  • Excellent Playback Quality, based on the BASS API 2.4 by
  • Skin Support. It also supports Winamp Skins!!! (version 2.x)
  • Equalizer with visual effects and presets.
  • Playlist Editor with a lot of options.
  • Freedb Support + Freedb Local Database Explorer !!!
  • Sonique 1.x Visualization plugins support !!!
  • Input, generic and DSP Plugins support.
  • WinAmp 2.x DSP Plugins Support !!!
  • Audio File Tags Support.
  • Zip Files Support !!!
  • Video formats Support !!!
  • File album artworks and CD album artworks
  • It's freeware !!!!

Passion Audio Player supports the following Audio formats through BASS:

  1. OGG - Ogg Vorbis
  2. MP3 - MPEG1/2/2.5 layer 3
  3. MP2 - MPEG layer 2
  4. MP1 - MPEG layer 1
  5. WMA - Windows Media Audio Files
  6. WAV - Windows Audio Files
  7. MO3 - Modules with MP3 or OGG encoded samples
  8. IT - Impulse Tracker modules
  9. XM - FastTracker2 modules
  10. S3M - StreamTracker3 modules
  11. MTM - MultiTracker modules
  12. MOD - Generic module formats
  13. UMX - Unreal/Tournament music package
  14. CDA - CD Audio Tracks
  15. FLA - Free Lossless Audio Codec Files
  16. FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec Files
  17. OFR - OptimFROG Files
  18. OFS - OptimFROG DualStream Files
  19. WV - WavPack Files
  20. MPC - MusePack Files
  21. MP+ - MusePack Files
  22. MPP - MusePack File
  23. SPX - Speex Files
  24. APE - Monkey''s Audio Files
  25. MAC - Monkey''s Audio Files
  26. DFF - Direct Stream Digital
  27. DSF - Direct Stream Digital
  28. OGA - Free Lossless Audio Codec
  29. ADX - CRI ADX
  30. TTA - The True Audio

Passion Audio Player supports the following Audio formats through DirectShow:

  1. MID - MIDI Files
  2. MIDI- MIDI Files
  3. RMI - MIDI Files
  4. AIFF- Macintosh Files
  5. AIF - Macintosh Files
  6. AU - Sun Audio Files
  7. SND - Sun Audio Files

Passion Audio Player supports the following Video formats through DirectShow:

  1. AVI - Audio-Video Interleaved
  2. MPG - Motion Picture Experts Group
  3. MPEG- Motion Picture Experts Group
  4. MOV - Quicktime Movie (version 2 and lower)
  5. ASF - Advanced Streaming Format
  6. WMV - Windows Media Video Files

It also supports .zip files that contain the above Supported Files.

System Requirements:

The program requirements are:

  1. AMD PR200 or Better.
  2. 48MBytes memory.
  3. Windows 98SE with WDM Drivers.
  4. A sound card.

However, i think that the program will run regurarly on a lower CPUwith less memory, but i haven't tested it on such a system, so ican't tell. If you have such a system just try it !!! Besides it?sobvious that if you want to use the freedb support feature an internet connection is required.

Development Info:

This program was developed with Embarcadero Delphi XE Starter edition. The playback library that is used is BASS 2.4 by .I decided to use this library because first of all it?s free forfreeware programs and because it?s playback quality is excellent.Besides it has a lot of addons. A full description of whatcomponents were used to build Passion Audio Player is presented at the credits section of the program.

Information about the next version:

This time i will keep it as secret :)

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